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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

Game is buggy and broken. I ended up with "+-78875947" skulls which I then couldn't spend. Restarting gave me negative base terror breaking the game completely and meaning there's no way to continue bar clearing my save and starting from the beginning. As the game starts so slowly that's not something I'm going to do. Also watching the cards slowly dished out and turn over is painful further into the game. Not to mention the whipping. At the very least increase the click radius for that.

Sometimes chests contain nothing, sometimes they refuse to open, requiring a reload.

There's needs to be an auto battle option and and actual ending. At the moment it appears to be an incomplete game.

Interesante concepto, ideal para cuando estas haciendo otra cosa y te tomas un descanso.

I feel you have a decent idle game in the works here. Take some of the other criticism constructively and work a bit on it and it would be pretty good. My 2 main issues are 1, either it didn't tell me or I missed the fact you can click to speed it up, and 2, the speed of advancement. The lower level upgrades even in large numbers don't seem to help enough to bother, but the higher level upgrades take a while. Of course, with an Idle game you want a little wait time, but it just doesn't seem balanced. Battles are not even worth fighting most of the time considering you have to click to speed up attacks, and all that clicking would yield better results on the main screen. I've yet to get far enough to encounter some of the glitches mentioned by others. I'm going to let it idle overnight and see where I end up.

I may edit this later if I find anything else. As it is, it's not good but the concept is there.


come back after playing another game that is why its idle