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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

love udkle lkove this game :D

Cool game but Plz fix some bugs like when you reset sometimes the bonuses dont save

Everytime I leave the game, the bonus terror upgrades for the monster unit resets.

Otherwise, some fixes would make the game better.

Decent at best. The progress is way off. After the first few resets it takes way too long to make progress. Then, suddenly, its way too easy and all you do is this tedious fighting stuff. Way too many klicks are needed to go through those. Also is there an end?

Mmmmokay. The game is pretty decent, good graphics, decent interface, though there are some things to improve, i think :

- first of all, you have to add a way to skip those unineresting battles once you win them by far. Each rebirth is a pain because I have to do it all again ...

- then why is the beggining sooooo slow, while it becomes quite decent after a few hour of grinding ? This needs to be scaled up, i think ...

- finally, make it so you can see all cards at once, it's just too slow to watch them unfold one by one, seriously x)