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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

Lost my progress! It would make sense if I cleared my browser cache, but all I did is restart my computer! Great game though!
** Edit 22 June 2019 ** Lost my progress again! Really need to fix progress loss bug everytime you update the game!


I can only give it 1.5 stars because of the issues. It is a great concept, and has a lot of potential, but as others had mentioned before, when you reset your bonuses do not save, and you do not get your skulls back.

When upgrading to multiple cards, they should not all splay out one by one in the way they do, because once you reach 3+ cards, it actually becomes much, much slower and you gain less over time than if you would had you just left it with one card.

ADDENDUM: Had to drop the score to 1, the autosave doesn't work. I came back after a day to see how progress was, and it had completely reset everything to 0.

"Banner" upgrades become unavailable, and the skulls used to purchase them are reset, whenever the page is reloaded. Auto-saving does not prevent this, but it seems as if the bonuses are kept from any banners deployed before the page is reloaded.

EDIT 6/3: I'm willing to guess that your "fix" was responsible for the loss of the save files. Oops.

Junjo responds:

Oh! Sorry for that. I've just uploaded a fix for this.

ok soo this game is clearly unfinished
i don't know if you played it yourself but lvl 200+ battles have no picture
it just appears white and if you keep playing you get a unity error
and you cant even restart to fix it
i really enjoyed playing this as it is a new way to play idle games
but i would recomend before you publish a game have some beta testers
soo if someone gets to 200 or another level you know your game will just not work at that point
and people mentioned that updates reset on login in again
not bad could have been better