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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

It's nice. The only issue is that the save didn't work for me, it restarted once I refreshed the page.

Progress is a tad slow, there better be something interesting waiting or the game isn't worth the time it takes.

I nearly left this game behind, but eventually you get some interesting stuff to do through battles and such. I feel like it needs to introduce those faster to get the player immersed in the action and give them motivation. Basically, I think the intro is a bit confusing and slow; if you can find a way to hurry it up, be more straight-forward and to get to the exciting bits faster, I think you're gold.

Lost all progress, again. Not really an "idle" game if I have to start all over every time I log on. Nice concept, but this really needs to be fixed.

UPDATE: I just left my system up, and had no "loss" issues. I cannot say whether or not it has been fixed. I have upgraded to 3 stars, to reflect.

Is there an "end" to the game? After maxing stuff out, there is no challenge. It becomes very repetitious. Maybe add some mini games, or advancements to new areas on a map?

Good Game!
Though it misses something that an dark lord who controls allies and maybe the lord itself should raid a random castle full of goodies.