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Reviews for "Little Idle Monsters"

So I think this is a solid clicker game, but not a very good idle game. I think the problem is the battles. You have to be online for those, and they're your main method of progression. I blew through them so fast that the 'idle' aspect of things ended up being useless. It still succeeds as a good time-killer, though.

I like this game and have come back to it when I typically don't. I see that there is a new cap of 100% on items. I can't help but feel cheated by this especially when some of the values of my gear were around 200% when I last left this game.

Nice game. I think the creature cards are a little too expensive to unlock; otherwise, great job. I hope to see more levels and monsters in the future...

Very nice game. But the fights suck. If you reset several times, the fights take most of the motivation. Isn't it possible to combine collected fights?
By this I mean that you can use the current monster LvL (e.g. Snake Lvl6) to get higher in the fights and then,. if you are successful, you can collect the bonuses of all chests on your way to the Stage.

This game is constantly losing the auto save data