Reviews for "Creo - Nemophore"

My favourite song on NewGrounds , and I've listened to a lot of music! I am in love with the transition at 25sec .I hope one day this music will be usable in GeometryDash. Anyways, great song !

This is my absolute favorite in this EP
The start I really like how it gets really calm and quiet, and very relaxing in a way
And then the drop is probably what i really like!
Its something different, with some sounds I haven't heard before in alot of Electronic music!

Really love this song m8! Hope to see what masterpieces you come up with in the future!

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks. I was anxious about releasing this song because (like you mentioned) it is a bit different. Happy that you like it!

This is my favorite song on newgrounds. the mix is perfect and the melody is brilliant. nothing bad to say.

It has that mysterious vibe to it.
Also that bass is really good.

My favorite! i love it