Reviews for "Flap Cat v1.3"

There are a lot of bugs such as not being able to respawn and I couldn’t even die at one point, I don’t understand how you wouldn’t notice this. However, I love games like this and it is addictive for sure. If you fix the bugs I’ll give 5 stars.

- Thanks for fixing the bugs!

cheesydev responds:

Thank you for your input. I cant seem to re-create those bugs. What exactly is happening when you can not spawn or die?

How much cheese is too much cheese?

i thought this game was pretty fun and definitely not spam. A way to beat the boss would be cool because it feels like youre pretty much done once you get to him.
-nice improvements it really improves the experience and i finally beat that damn red cat

cheesydev responds:

Just released a more stable build where you can defeat boss and unlock medal. Hope you enjoy! :)

I can see where the bug occurs. So apparently when you start the game, it tends to not respawn after you die. But after refreshing the page a few times it worked properly. It seems to be more apparent on the latest version of Firefox as I had no trouble with Chrome.

OTHERWISE! It's a step above your typical Flappy Bird clone. It's neat you have powerups and have to collect the triangles to get points instead of just dodging. The thing I would fix is to clean up the graphics such as the characters and font.

Also I don't know if this was intentional, but the sound seems to be low.

cheesydev responds:

Thank you so much! I will fix bugs asap!

ussualy not a flapy type of game player but this was fun and not to difficult to play and pretty addictive nice game the art could use some work on the back ground