Reviews for "Flap Cat v1.3"

There are a lot of bugs such as not being able to respawn and I couldn’t even die at one point, I don’t understand how you wouldn’t notice this. However, I love games like this and it is addictive for sure. If you fix the bugs I’ll give 5 stars.

- Thanks for fixing the bugs!

cheesydev responds:

Thank you for your input. I cant seem to re-create those bugs. What exactly is happening when you can not spawn or die?

How much cheese is too much cheese?

i thought this game was pretty fun and definitely not spam. A way to beat the boss would be cool because it feels like youre pretty much done once you get to him.
-nice improvements it really improves the experience and i finally beat that damn red cat

cheesydev responds:

Just released a more stable build where you can defeat boss and unlock medal. Hope you enjoy! :)

I generally hate flappy-type games, but this one I like for some reason. the controls are nicely done and there is definitely something more to it than just mindless passing through the pipes or something like that. But:
1. For some reason at some point the game becomes so laggy that it stops responding;
2. I already wrote you in a PM that there is something wrong with the last 2 medals. Yesterday and today I received them without collecting the required amount of both peppers and cheese, I bet that the same happened to PhantasyReal since his score is definitely too low;
3. I would prefer to have a "hard" ceiling rather than dying because I went too high. Hmm... actually you MAY die because of going too HIGH ;-)
As for respawning problems other people mentioned: @Zentiq @PieLordPictures - are you sure that you double clicked after you died?
Oh, wait... a cat is eating... cheese?

cheesydev responds:

Think i fixed most issues people were having with game and added a bit more content. Thanks again for the feedback.

ussualy not a flapy type of game player but this was fun and not to difficult to play and pretty addictive nice game the art could use some work on the back ground