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Reviews for "Elana, Champion of Lust, Chapter 2 (finished and revised)."

Love this game!!! how can i save and load playing in the blogspot version html?

knotgames responds:

Glad you liked it!

This are the main reasons for the saves getting deleted or not stored:
· Play on incognito mode (it prevents the save file to get created)
· Have your browser settings marked as "not accept third party cookies (will prevent the creation of the file too).
· Delete your browser historic or cookies (deletes the save file).
· Run a Ccleaner or some program like this on your computer (can delete the save file too).

Hope it help!

Amazing game as usual, but ive got a couple things im stuck on.

A couple of my people love oral/anal strapon, where do i get that? And a couple people love other people that are not in the village. How do I get their influence?

knotgames responds:

Thanks! You can unlock that actions with an event in the farmas and I think you mean the people who wants some of Elana's friends too. In this case you have to finish the events of those friends and train them in order to be able to use them with the villagers. In any case you can influence the villagers even if you don't use the specific actions they like most.

Is there an apk version?

knotgames responds:

Yes, a public incomplete version in our blogspot and the final versions for our patreon.

The game was great and it was a huge improvement from the last chapter, hope to see more from u guys!

Also, i was trying to continue playing from another pc but it seems that the save slot are empty, any idea on how to move the save file to another machine?

knotgames responds:

Thanks! The saves are usually stored in "your usesr"/appdata/roaming/macromedia/flash player/shared objects.

i cant seem to play this on newgrounds, and when i download it, it stops at the load screen? i know this is a fantastic game like the last one, i just wish i could play

EDIT: is this game on wetpussygames? are they like your sponsors or something, cause i remember clicking on a link to their website in the first game, if so, i might try to play it there if i cat get the download to work

knotgames responds:

Hi! If you downloaded the .zip version, be sure to extract all files from the .zip before running the game.html file. Be sure also to have flash player installed in your browser, check if the browser it's blocking it (should appear some icons in this case) and better if you use Google Chrome, because it always work better with our game. The .exe version should work just double clicking on it if you are using Windows.

About Wetpussygames, yes they sponsor us but the site it's not always updated with our latest version.