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Reviews for "Elana, Champion of Lust, Chapter 2 (finished and revised)."

Has the quest "spread the word" not been implemented yet? I can't seem to finish it. Great game by the way. I love every second of it.

knotgames responds:

Hi! Thank you!

If I remember well that quest ends when you have all areas at 100%

What a wonderful game! I've poured I don't know how many hours into chapter 1 and chapter 2. I've loved the art from day 1 and I've also very much enjoyed the story. Comments I have for chapter 2. Basically my only qualms come from think that there's just a bit too much ancillary stuff going on. I enjoy that there is a minigame for the Alpha combat, and I enjoy the development of combat, as well as expanding all the character rolls from the first chapter. Things I don't personally care for. I don't enjoy that I have to pick and choose certain story paths, to pick one choice and have to give up something by doing so. I enjoy collecting everything in one playthrough. I also had to deal with the compression issue and although that's not really a fault of the game, but because I was unable to download the uncompressed version I feel like my overall enjoyment was marred a bit. I enjoy playing side quests, but I wish there was some clear separation between main and side, just so anyone wishing to crit-path can speed through with the main only if that's their wish. Overall, still a game to celebrate.

Lastly, I'll acknowledge that I'm currently stuck. I've 100% the entire village, unclear if the other areas that have a percentage can get any kind of influence. If not, potentially eliminate that text feature so there's no confusion about say, influencing the sea-people, or the renegade camp, wildlings camp, etc. I've talked to/clicked on/advanced through everywhere I could have, and I'm not sure what I'm missing to advance. I've freed Scylla, escaped Hell (and gotten stones from each of them), maxed out my companions' training, freed the fairies, and upgraded the tavern all the way. The last exchange I had with Jane was her being called a "hypocrite". I've defeated only two out of three Peace Guard groups (the third won't spawn anymore), and collected all the spirit totems available with the choices I made. If I never can complete this game I won't count against it, but if there are some softlock/hardlock features that disable me from me beating the game cause I didn't defeat the Peace Guard earlier, that might also be something to look into. At present my quests left to complete are:

The Church of Stallos, Smells Like Monster Spirit, The Songs Under the Sea, Helping the Elves!, Gathering Some Friends, The Peace Guard Sucks, Spread the Word, Exploration.

Thanks again for all this amazing work, and I look forward to where the stories goes!

knotgames responds:

Glad you like our work!

During the development we were a little undecided with the side content because sometimes help us to distribute what we want te be watched later in the game hiding the pass between not important events, but we admit it's not always easy.

For the influence if it appears a % out of the main 9 areas (academy,castle, houses, market, square, tavern, church, forest and farms). If you have less than 100% if one of those area it would be because some villagers could be in prison and you have to free them in the castle in order to influence them. If a % of influence appears in another area should be because of a bug.

For what you tell me and the quest you tell me you have left, it seems something is not working well because some of this quests should be completed. Could be possible that you loaded a save from a previous version? this could cause bugs like this and potentially made the game impossible to be completed with your save.

In any case, that if you have the 9 areas at 100%, for what you tell me, the possible things left to be completed could be finish the archmage (You see him the first time when you have crafted the spirit of envy and talked to Alaina. Then he'll appear in the forest, then in the academy, then in the farms and again in the academy. Always during night) and the wiseman/tereleria events (after talking with all the male elves and talk with the wiseman again the wiseman is completed, and after completing Kaeryn's event you can go to the elven castle and complete the queen by having sexy time with her). This two parts are needed to advance with Jane's events which eventually will lead to the ending.

Hope it help and if you have any other doubt, feel free to send us a PM.

im playing it on the newgrounds player. how can i make the grafic better? its so pixelated.

And the game itself is awesome! i wish i could draw and program such stuff

knotgames responds:

Hi!The quality has been reduced here in newgrounds because the size of the file was to big to upload it but there are versions online and to download in our blog with full quality. You can find links to it in the description and in the warning at the beginning of the game.

Wow, just wow, this game is amazing, and the end, i was hoping a very good game with a very good end, but this is a master piece, i cant wait for chapter 3

knotgames responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it ^^

Great game , very easy to get lost at points might have been down to the compressed quality of the newgrounds version but could also maybe use a bit more direction on questions make a few things a little more clear when it comes to quest descriptions

knotgames responds:


We left some points a little confusing sometimes to avoid some parts intended for the late game to be completed at the beginning but probably at some points can be too much confusing. If you have any doubt you can send us a private message and we'll be happy to answer.