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Reviews for "Elana, Champion of Lust, Chapter 2 (finished and revised)."

I already reach 100% all however the 3rd peace guards is not showing even if i finnish the war, demons, and the elf. Also seems the Jane vanish and i don't know what im going to do, to those priest who enter the tavern at the room.

I helped the merfolk and got the totem but when I went back to recruit them it keeps replaying that same interaction and also the wildings I can't recruit them either.

knotgames responds:

Those are "choose path choices" What you choose gave you spirits but the other options were the ones that would have provided troops to help with the recruitment. Even so, you can still recruit troops through the king and the queen in the castle (in any case it is necessary. The octopus and the wild people can give you some troops but it is still necessary to purchase some in the castle).

i really love the game, freaking mind blown at the end!, exited for the next game to see what will happen. i'm replaying the 2nd game now and i have a question, i still can't find the spirit of wisdom or death?

its okay, i figured it out, awesome game!

pretty good job so far

excellent game although it prefer the HD version but that one dosent load on the official web sight and i dont know why.

knotgames responds:

Thanks! It could be the browser blocking iy, in which case you can change it to make it work but you can also download there the .zip version which works with browser too and the .exe which works with windows.