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Reviews for "Elana, Champion of Lust, Chapter 2 (finished and revised)."

Why are some villagers suddenly locked?

knotgames responds:

They are imprisoned and you have to free them in the castle

how do you get past the more the merrier quest to get to the demons I'm stuck on this part what do I have to bring to her

knotgames responds:

You need the key from Scylla

How do you beat the gaurd with the forcefield around it? I've tried everything so far and got nothing. So far it's a great game though this one thing is really pissing me off.

knotgames responds:

Thanks! You have to defeat his minions twice before being able to hurt him.

Hello, I'm here to say just a few things. First of all great game, beautiful graphics, juicy voice-lines, and all kinds of things to enyjoy and "explore" if you know what i mean. But i've got a slight problem. I'm reaching the end of the game and have just finished my final talk with Jane for "The Church of Stallos" quest and was about to finish the game but that was late at night and so i decided to wait until morning. I wake up, do my stuff and turn on this game and uh... i kinda completely forgot where Jane went and have no idea when and where to find her or even what to do, so i'd highly appreciate if i was lead in the right direction because replaying the entire game is not really something i'd enjoy without even finishing it first.

knotgames responds:


Have you seen any cinematic yet? If not you probably have to complete some other important part of the game in order to trigger Jane again.

If you want you can send us a private message telling us at which point you are in the game and we'll see if we can help you to move forward.

Hello there. First of all, thanks for the amazing game and art.
I'm currently going through the game and decided to take on the wildings quest "The Wild East" and I have a few questions..

I completed all 3 challenges helped Red-Scar become the Alpha, but the quest is not complete and stuck on "everything is ready for the final battle between red-scar and the moon brothers".

Also I've checked my gallery after completing the area to go through missed scenes and saw what looks like an event where Moon-Fang gives elana his necklace. Is it possible that I missed that because the quest isn't over?

EDIT: Nevermind about that last part I just realized that the spirit of hunger is locked in my spirit collection.

EDIT 2: Welp, just started the renegade event and the wild east completed itself when I came for help. Anyhow the game is a blast!

knotgames responds:

Thank you!