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Reviews for "Elana, Champion of Lust, Chapter 2 (finished and revised)."

Love it! Keep up the awesome work!

knotgames responds:

Thank you!

So i did beat it and just amazing writing and game play. I did play the first one too but this took it 10 steps farther. it was just amazing from the mini games to the end. there are a few things i want to talk about with out ruining the end (BTW loved it 100%). first with the new tavern thing to give you money i wanted governess to give mid security. second i was a bit disappointing you could not get all totems, it was just kinda a bummer not being able to see what they all did. on that note that comes up with my 3rd thing, the ones i did get i only found 2 to be useful in combat ( Joy and Wrath ) the rest did not support as well or did not have the same combat skills that i was looking for. 4th thing was that i got lost about the same time every one else did with getting 50 troops ( BTW go to the king/queen for that part) and trying to figure out what i need next was confusing. don't get me wrong i loved this game. its art work is amazing along with its new story telling. out side of these 4 things i find a bit annoying its a near flawless game.

knotgames responds:

Thank you! For you kind words and your suggestions. We note it to try to get better since we can agree with almost everything ^^ (not the 3rd one, since we think there is quite good combos and strategies with other spirits :P)

Thanks again!

I BEAT IT!!! Incredible artwork and gameplay. When I first discovered Chapter 1 I was surprised at the amount of thought and detail there was put into it. This chapter was DOUBLE that! The storyline, the combat, the fact that there was a recipe mechanic added to Elana's journal, the artwork, THE ENDING!!! Great game! Can't wait until Chapter 3!

knotgames responds:

Thank you! We'll do our best to keep improving our work ^^

Im stuck please help. Im trying to get the 50 troops. i have the 20 from wildlings and 20 from octopus people but cant get remaining 10. Im unable to find the next step to make the female elves forgive the male ones as well. i saw in a previous comment you said to resolve events in the castle with the queen and king and ive done nearly everything but havent seen the king and queen.

knotgames responds:

Hi! The elves quest is solved at the ending of the chapter.

About the unlock the king and the queen and hire more troops it's a little tricky. In order to be able to go to the royal chamber and find them in the castle, first, you have to watch the events of the night of the guards (until one guard tells Elana the king has scolded them), once you can go there the guards of the door stops Elana and you have to convince a maid so she gives her outfit to Elana. To achieve that you'll have to complete the events from the governess and us the Electric arousal on the maid. After that you'll be able to watch the chain of events from the king and the queen and ,if the innkeeper already have asked Elana for troops, at the end of it, the king will allow Elana to go to the training area in the castle and hire more troops for the battle against the demons.

Hope it help! (you can send us a PM if you have any doubt).

Liking the game but the quests could have more descriptive objective and i managed to get stuck on the quest "the church of stallos". Every objective is grayed out and the last one is "follow a member of the peace guard". Can't find him anywhere though. Is there a discord server where i can ask about quests when i get stuck? Or maybe a full walkthrough or guide? I'd love to know.

EDIT: ok passed through the game i believe, but i remember a scene with Jane (the high priestess if i mispelled her name) to do with some bondage/in a dungeon that i never encountered in this version (i did in a previous version) is that an event i missed or was it removed?

knotgames responds:

Hi! That scene from the dungeon was from chapter 1 but didn't had bondage (was a little dark though). The quest you mentioned about Jane, moves forward as you move forward with the whole story at the same time you influence the village so, sometimes could seem there is no hint to advance in it.