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Reviews for "Elana, Champion of Lust, Chapter 2 (finished and revised)."

Really did love playing the game but was really dissaponted that it is impossible to get all the totems. Feel like thats taking away some of the content.

knotgames responds:

Thanks! There was meant to be a lot more "choose path" choices but at the end we leaved this ones because where parts that were not from the main story. In any case, all spirits will appear again and without "choose path" options in chapter 3 ^^

I absolutely love both of these games!

I've completed the demon wars event, gone through their dimension and interacted with Jane. I seem to stuck. I've already influenced every single area. Help would be appreciated!

Is there finally a place to revisit the scenes like the night dude in elana 1?

I just checked, it is there thank you.

knotgames responds:

Yes, you have to visit the lady of shadows in the forest until she gives an amulet to Elana to call her.

Love it! Keep up the awesome work!

knotgames responds:

Thank you!