Reviews for "Koopa Bros, IJ"

What more can say?

This is awesome. Maybe I sjould use this one instead of the original. I don't care what anyone else says, this is frikin' sweet!

Chao-Guy responds:

If you think the origional will work better, by all means, use the origional! I wont be hurt. May be better quality if you use the origional. But if my talents are better than nintendo! lol ^_^

Keep it up!


hey good work ! it's super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chao-Guy responds:

"Someone has an exclamation mark fetish!" lol, no offence ment, just sprung to mind.

Keep it up!

if this remix was thier theme song...

they would have been the final boss, much more epic and hard-rockish.
great job

Chao-Guy responds:

Thanks for the review!

Keep it up!!

my favorite song

i played this game over and over like 20 times and i stil like the koopa bros song the best

get many of thoose pink mushrooms agianst the last bowser

For this one...

I see Bowser finding, retraining, and slightly mechanizing the Koopa Bros. Good job.

*Internet high-5's*