Reviews for "Koopa Bros, IJ"

For this one...

I see Bowser finding, retraining, and slightly mechanizing the Koopa Bros. Good job.

*Internet high-5's*

Whats with all the "Good" Mario Remakes?

People must be getting tired of Galaxy right now and actualoly making an attempt to make good remakes. I like it, sure its not your own song, but you remixed it so well, and made it sound so different, that it almost is. Very well done.

its the meckoopa bros!

u had to love those retarded koopas back in paper mario. they always made me laugh

O wow

You roking man Wooooow

Dimentio here


Now THAT ounds like the koopa brothers in an upgradet version... sounds really cool! i'll be adding this to my favorites. Greetings from me and keep up the good work, theres nothing to say about this melody