Shoom count: Over 6000

For some reason I highly enjoyed playing this game. It's perfect, I have zero suggestions or complaints.

greatest game of all fucking time. will definitely make you cum/10. fun for all ages. an experience that cannot be replicated. shoom.

the fact this has 3 stars is mind boggling, people are not seeing the beauty that lies within this game, graphics blow Battlefield 5 out of the water in terms of FPS, the sex scenes are amazing, I was crying that how good they were absolutely amazing, my dog was even happy and he can't see shit-- the games writing is second to none, did I say amazing yet? I did? 3 times? yeah that just says how good this game is, absolutely amazing (4th time) it cannot be beat, simply amazing (5th time) I was even driving a car at one point and I was like "dude this right here is next gen beyond next gen realism" the graphics of the cars and streets was simply amazing and unseen by the naked human eyes before. this was clearly something only a god will create.


ninjamuffin99 responds:

finally someone understands

Finally, a good game.