God yes.

It's a thing, i guess?

No spam on newgrounds please. I will ban this with my mod powers.

Oh wait, I can benefit from it with medal points? Ok then.

Oh wait, I now can't move my hands for the rest of the year? Worth it.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

ez points just for you fro


So time consuming. ;-; Also, kind of strains the eyes after filling about 3 lines as well.

The gameplay is simple, keep left-clicking and get the SHOOOOOOOOOOOM to fill up as much as possible over time. Once you hit the max of 6,478, you get a "Congrats, the game is over lol" screen and a medal.

I do like the concept of how the music plays for as long as you are clicking and trying to fill up the screen.

I did not like how I kept feeling a need to look away from the screen from time to time because the constant popping effect kind of made my eyes strain a bit. :(

The medals are easy... although the latter is really time consuming even if you can click quickly. It took me roughly 16 minutes to click 6,478 times. First one to get that medal though... worth it. :')

One error I did notice is if you refresh the page and / or reset the game to get a lower time for how fast you got to 77 O's, the High Score board does not seem to update at all. EDIT: Seems that it updated after I finished this review. :D

Overall, neat concept, just needs a tweak or two to make it better.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

thanke nekomika you'rea god damn maniac for getting that medal lmao

I hope the flashing stuff isnt too hard on people. Maybe I could tone it down