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Reviews for "Mr. Sneaks VS CalArts"

5 out of 5 would burn again

Would have loved to see sans from undertale gored on the fucking cross, but I'm not upset with what I got here. I love the animation, and the chalky style is cool

Edit: Oh fuck, wait, how do you gore a skeleton

Ant0on responds:

Lol exactly, I guess you cant kill whats already dead...BUT if you look up my Undertale x Earthbound animation on my YT channel, youll get your Sans fix ;)

I can't tell if the animation was done on cels or digitally. Either way, bravo.
What I love most about the art is how the outlines have this chalk like texture, yet they house the basic "calarts" form. It's like a statement. "See, this style can look so good if we try".
Not too simple but not too complex. Make it too simplistic and you get why the calarts style is bashed on. Make it too simple and there's no much left to set it apart from the rest.
But you did it oh so well. Once again, bravo.

Ant0on responds:

Thank you! I use the chalk tools on all of my OC animations, but yeah, it does look interesting mixed with the Calarts style :)