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Reviews for "Mr. Sneaks VS CalArts"

The animation is really well done and I'm gonna check out more of your cartoons! You're very talented, but the whole "Cal Arts style" joke has been done to death, and while it holds some validity, it is very dismissive of all the talent currently coming from artists graduating Cal Arts!

No offense, but the fact that your artstyle looks no different from the "CalArt's" style doesn't really help the humor you're trying to push through in this video. All I'm saying is the video could of been done better by you showing off a better art style against the CalArt's art style. I really hope my comment isn't coming across as mean spirited, that is not my intent.

Wtf nibba.

Nobody watches television in 2019.

We have internet.

yeah Calarts art style is getting very old and roten.

That was pretty intense!

Ant0on responds:

Glad you got that adrenaline rush, Chutney!