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Reviews for "Mr. Sneaks VS CalArts"

Curse you bauhaus!

It was Ok. At least one other person takes a minor dislike to the CalArts style and advocates for each and every individual style of different animators.

Nice work great job with it look forward to seeing more

I honestly don't mind CalArts Style like other people that aside I actually enjoyed watching this. I find it Simplistic, Decent, & Goofy/Creepily Charming. I just think the Wario & Waluigi was kind of Random and Unnecessary to be honest just because Mr. Sneaks now has his mouth differently. Lastly, I'm confused as to why the Title for the Video is a VERSUS Title when the Video has the Real Title that makes more sense than the VERSUS Title considering there's no Real Battle, just a Angry Mob. Overall I liked it nonetheless I just think the Thought Process needs improvement.

I don't get the joke.
why is calarts bad?