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Reviews for "Mr. Sneaks VS CalArts"

I didn't realize an oval smile was enough to piss off so many people, especially when a few of those shows are really good, especially Gravity Falls.

By the way, I love the weight you put into that swing when Sneaks got clubbed in the face. That intruder was visibly angry at the sight of that mouth.

everyone who hate the calart style shut and don't say no shit this is animation were talking about don't be rude all animation styles are all equal just watch the show not the style


Really nice! However, Mr. Sneaks doesn't really fit the style: he doesn't have that generic chin. And I have a soft spot for A regular show: the main cast at least didn't really match those mass produced faces (and I loved the show, so I might be a little biased).

I really liked the flow, the humour and the criticism in this episode. Well done, dude!

Ant0on responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it, and actually, I just realized I've uploaded a different version of the episode here haha. In the Youtube version, instead of the Regular show raccoon guy there is a new character from that pilot that was released recently which screams 'Calarts' more than anything. It's called Mushroom And The Forest Of The World, its on the CN channel. So yeah, if you wanna see the slightly different version of this episode, head over to my Antoons channel!

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