Reviews for "Pit King"

ripetitive, lack of choise... sorry but for me this is it

Oultrox responds:

It's ok the game isn't for everyone :) Thanks for letting your opinion.

nice. Not great, but nice.

Wish you could pause time and keep building your buildings.

1. Game needs a sliding screen with mouse to were the enemy are at without moving so u can place your traps
2.You dont get enough bones for a kill
3.His bag of bones could used as weapon like swinging bag at a enemy for close combat(more bones more damage)
4. the more bones u have u could upgrade larger bones to though at a enemy(at lose it if too low)( stronger throwing strength (upgrade yourself)
5.The game should have a timer when next wave is coming to upgrade weapons
6. The wave 3 is the killer too many nights and not enough time to build up
7. The weapons use too much bones so not much u can do in so little time
8. How about using bones to make more loot
9.Needs more weapons than just 3
10.Need to be able fix weapons with bones or bone walls
11.No bone wall upgrades (stronger/ next up thicker)
12.Having a Heath bar so when getting hit by an enemy in stead of one hit kill (you still die if all bones are gone)
13. It is addicting but just worth not playing too hard too soon ( so a note to others game needs work what do u think)

Oultrox responds:

Sorry, I don't get most of these. You have to notice this isn't a commercial product but rather a little jam game we made with my friends in 48h, and just polished a week after, thanks for your feedback tho!