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Reviews for "Pit King"

This games probably pretty good. My issue is that I couldnt play it because it says "Press any key to continue", but when i press the power button on my computer it just shuts everything down instead of continuing.
Please fix this issue.

Oultrox responds:

You have to press the switch light on your room, that's all the fix I can give, take it or leave it.

I like it!. The game sounds pretty good,the sound effects sound good, the difficulty is balanced, game looks great and the game is fun!.

Oultrox responds:

Thank you! :D

This gem should be called "Donald Trump simulator", because all i ended up doing was building walls endlessly.

A nicely crafted spin on tower defense games. Generally, they're not my forte, since most of them end up being one of the three things: leisurely and endlessly easy, frustratingly hard, or too grindy for unlocks, but this one, i feel, nailed the balance quite fine. The fact that it's merely a jam game is quite remarkable. The aesthetics are pleasant, with decent art, sound design and good artstyle and direction. The enemies in particular do feel distinct and interesting. The Pit King slowing down upon gaining bones is a nice touch.

The balancing: though the upgrades are quite basic and limited, they are distinct enough to offer different playstyles, some more effective than not. I must add that some strategies are more cost-effective than others tho. Not sure whether the game in question was either too easy, or too hard, but you absolutely need to go through at least 3 or 4 games. The tutorial doesn't do justice to how easy the game's to play, but somewhat hard to master. I'd say that it falls into "Oh, exploitable" category.

So, i've managed to get to wave 59 (the run wasn't recorded in the highscores table for some reason. Some of my earlier runs also had gone AWOL beforehand). It took a fair bit, but ultimately, my strategy for the first two waves involved just building bone turrets in front of the peons. THe critical part of the strategy was building as close to the bottom of the map as possible, so i had more time to react to waves, which was critical at 50ish waves. At level 3, when those archer guys were introduced, i started to build walls in front of them precisely three blocks in front of the turret, which is a sweet spot for them to do damage while being protected. Random spawns can fuck you over, so don't worry if some guys end up passing through. Then alternate between building walls and building at least two levels of turrets. By waves 4-5, you should have a row of turrets at your disposal. Level 7 is when the brutes come, and you should finish at least two layers of turrets (don't bother upgrading them for now, it's not as viable economically, have at least 50 bones at your disposal). THey chew through the turrets, so walls are absolutely essential. Build at least three layers of walls and focus almost exclusively at their maintenance. The (quite strange) upside is that you can build walls inside your enemies. Also, the cool down of walls' destruction is negligibly short.

Continue to maintain walls and build layers (At least 7-8) of upgraded shit. Your currency becomes a non-issue by like wave 15 (NB - imagining the Pit King carrying like 100k bones in his sack is somewhat funny), so start upgrading your turrets at like wave 10-12 ish. Don't throw bones (they don't do enough damage for them to be viable) and bombs (they are pathetically weak and absolutely not cost-effective). This (kinda braindead if you ask me) strategy had finally started to break apart by like wave 50 or so, with an endless everincreasing horde of brutes after wave 27 being the game's only answer to my fortifications (shit you not, the number of them was like 20 per block at any given moment, lagging my crappy laptop). Other enemies don't even remotely do the same amount of damage to your walls. That's where your mittelspiel ends. Not sure what Restartt's strategy was, but i highly doubt he was able to "Go on wih as many levels as he had time to".

This game can use many quality of life improvements, and, of course, keyboard shortcuts is the first one that comes to mind. It becomes frustrating and literally numbing to play. I feel like i could survive more was if it wasn't for frequent mistakes in wall building and the error prone way to do so. Also, destroying fresh turrets should cost the same 20 bones it takes to build em. Also, it's baffling that you don't have an option to destroy (Again, often horrendously placed) walls. Bombs should objectively be more powerful in order for them to be at the very least viable. Right now, don't buy them, let alone upgrade them. Other than that, you may consider adding more lenient and/or unpredictable progression (like wave 27 in particular, felt like a nice break) and reducing brute spam prevalent at later waves. Feels like a good type of TD to incorporate some bosses into. Most obviously, more upgrades. The potential is absolutely there. It's also somewhat baffling that you can build walls inside enemies.

Overall, it's a tightly crafted game that i've enjoyed quite a bit. Some improvements may be needed, but it's quite tough and (somewhat) balanced as it is. 7/10.

Oultrox responds:

Thank you so much for your amazing Feedback, I'm glad you liked the balance of the game and your feedback and tips for players.

I'm finalizing the really claimed hotkeys for placing turrets more quick and easily, however I'm waiting for some checks and we have to check within the team if the balance of the game will still mantain since it's one of our hardest thing to pull off correctly, we spent too much time just designing that element of the game.

Again, thank you! keep in tune for the update and I'm sad to hear your record didn't saved, it's usually saved when you die and lose.

Also, perhaps we might buff bombs. at least it's prices to be it more supportive-viable, any other idea you got for them DM me if you want to :)

Has some very small, very fixable problems but overall very fun and addicting game. Great job my guys :)

Oultrox responds:

Thank you my man!

I'm always looking forward for feedback:) if you want just hit me up in DM and let me know what do you think I'll improve the game.

I must be doing something wrong because I get utterly annihilated as soon as the big armored guys show up, it flips from manageable to impossible in one wave. The amount of damage they do coupled with the amount that spawn right off the bat is wack, they just walk right through everything I've built up to that point. What sick strat am I not seeing?

Edit: there also seems to be an occasional glitch where an archer enemy will become immune to turret damage.

Edit 2: Having made it a bit farther, here's some actual critique: I think the interface for placing units is absolutely awful for the breakneck pace of the game. The clicking and dragging is way too slow when things get antsy, and the black bar menu for upgrading a unit *gets in the way* to stop you clicking on other units. Gonna give myself RSI trying to keep up with the enemy pace. I think the ability to pause the game and assess the situation would help, or more time between waves (like 30 seconds, and let the player trigger a new round manually if they don't want to wait). An easier mode for plebs like me could work too.

Oultrox responds:

We had that issue as well, drag and dropping isn't the best for endgame, so we're thinking seriously in adding hotkeys to only click to place instead dragging only

Thank you so much for your feedback!