Reviews for "Creambee - Sun Shine Gals - v2"

This loads pretty bad. Even with the quality down I can barely do anything and my rig is top notch. There must be memory issue in the flash. Can't really play the thing as is.

Update: its running better now. I hope this is still being worked on for more options.

Flash did not age well and it shows, but its still a charming game. Besides the usual lag, everything else fits perfectly, and the interactions are darn near solid, though having more besides vaginal and some masturbation would guarantee a near perfect score. I have to say, the groping and massage tanning feature's pretty good. As for the gal herself, she's almost perfect, although for some people they didn't seem to like the size of those melons, so adding a slider to change her bust size is a welcome addition for the next version. I'd definitely like to have the feature to change the background though, but that's asking too much now, right?

Can't wait for the next version though, great job as always.

Not sure if its my browser, but the breast+hand motion is extremely sluggish. It moves incredibly stiffly and just snaps into place.

The transformation into a hyper dude flows pretty well. Fancy enough idea for the transition :P Though, when female. The pussy is a bit lacking in detail. The inside is okay, matches somewhat with the dick. But the outside is a bit lacking. No mons or anything. And it acts rather weird when interacted with.

Did pretty good with the overall interactions though. (Even if some act a bit sluggish)
And it feels very difficult to trigger any of the "scenes". Not sure if I'm just not catching on to any of the motions that needed to be done.

Overall kinda wonky, but it does have several quite neat things in it. Needs work, but the massage/tanning idea was a long time since I saw any, so that could be cool.
Cum effects are quite solid as always.

More customization would be nice, and it's a little laggy, but standard (mostly) quality Creambee stuff

how make a vaginal or anal?