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Reviews for "Pico's Awakening"

beautiful, perfect in every way. the credits song was 10 stars

Credit song sounded like something Stamper would make, then I checked the description

This was glorious, gg fellas

Pico's Awakening is a classic, thoughtful endeavor into the life of the boy, the myth, the legend, Pico. Ever since his days as a school shooting ender/participator, Pico has been blessing us with his beautiful green shirt, his beautiful soulless eyes. This documentary on the life of Pico fully embraces the delicate nature of the complex relationship between himself and TomFulp. The scene where they finally met, after so long of being apart left me sobbing. A more emotional moment has never been captured on the Newgrounds window. The complex and beautiful animation was glorious, and amazingly showed off the world that Pico resides in. It really makes you feel like Pico. When he realizes that Tumblr has invaded his home, he is so emotionally distraught that it cuts you straight to the bone. Seeing the horrors outside of his hospital is devastating. Luckily, Tankman is there to help him reach his destination. As Pico finds his way into TomFulps' arms, he is overcome by emotion, topped only by myself. As they embrace, I reminisce about all the good times Pico has had over the years. To top it all off, the end credits music is a beautiful orchestral masterpiece, which I would Liken unto another piece of music, but that would be doing it a disservice. This art piece is enthralling, heartbreaking, and a wonderful story. Of anything releasing this year, this is by far my most recommended release. I hope that one day, someone can even manage to grasp at the perfection that is Pico's Awakening.

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watched this while taking a shit, just thought yall should know <3

This was the best thing ever created.