Reviews for "Kermit Kombat 2 ep2"


I have waited for this and it is bad ass and very funny. can't wait for the next one

I love the Kermit Kombat Series

The Kermit Kombat series is freakin awesome, I loved each episode and even the out takes. The voices are perfectly heard. The drawings are awesome. The series is funny. There's just one thing that bothered me in this movie...

WHY KILL MEGAMAN X!!! WHY!? Though the rant was extremely funny.

wow great

heheh another great movie from you only problem was YOU KILLED MEGAMAN 0_o but o well your movies still great cant wait for #3


I hate that Miss Cleo... and no I was not tryin to get Bob nekked.

what was that guy talkin about

hey KWAS71KCK are you friggin high or something? This was a good movie that obviously took alotta hard work. Cant wait to see next the one your gettin my 5! Great job!