Reviews for "Kermit Kombat 2 ep2"

Its just not funny

that says it all to be honest it reall isnt its just stupid


I found this movie wrost then the first Episode,,,,,, the Humor was poor and the Fight Scene was WAY to Long,,,,, I did find some Parts funny,,,,, Mostly the scenes with Kermit,,,, Kermit should be in more scenes,,,,,,,, well,,,, I thought the first Episode way WAY more Funny,,,, but thats just me,,,


Keep it up,pinnicle!


Didn't k'now Sark Man looks like Hercule from Dragonball Z? What freaked me out is that Mrs. Cleo was high on an illegal drug (I know it starts with an "M" but I don't know how to spell it right). Also, the funny thing is that how can Rocky Pinnicle have a baby? Ladies are supposed to have babies, not men. Bob was stupid. He thinks that Rocky saw a Pikachu. In karate school, they actually DO let students hit each other, not pretend. When Rocky was using real techniques, he disqualified; not only that but he got kicked out of karate school. Stupid, but funny. Excellent job.

i liked it

i had a bad day today so i am happy a saw this helped my day