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Reviews for "Kermit Kombat 2 ep2"

you rock rocky!

dude why did kermit kill x?why not inuyasha?that guy stole kagome from me!in your next flash just make kermit kill inuyasha ok?this the best flash i've seen keep up the good work!please respond this review.


I love each one and want more desperately...more...Kermit Kombat...


Great job man i love it! :) But 1 question do u like wrestling?It seems like! Oh well 5 is wat i'm votin!

"Stupid Frog"

This was almost better than the last, the Rocky fight sequence was a little long. But the voice again great, even the impressions of Statler and Waldorf were funny. I loved it. The scene with Bert& Ernie S&M was very disturbing. Thanks for ruining a happy childhood memory!! Just kidding, it was really funny.


man they shoudl maek a forth episode man