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Reviews for "Kermit Kombat 2 ep2"


dude miss cloe does suck and ernie and bert are gay but if your gonna state the obivous do with better ghaphics and sound

That was the funniest thing ive ever seen

hahaha the squirleys that is frikin hilarious!!!


that was nice one the langire part and the part were dingus farted were so funny i nearly crapped in my pants u couldve made it as long as the firt one though and i had to keep cyciling through the sound i think i know who the guy in the shadows is.......... oh and the dress up game gets a 9/10

not bad

it was better den the 1 before this 1

it was ok

about the megaman thing the reason that the megaman sereis ended is becase Wiley created Zero who went insane and killed every1 dr. light hid and created megaman x the upgrade of mega man and thus the megaman genre ended no lie thats how it happened.

I love the way the music matched the feel of the movie and the songs were cool 2.