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Reviews for "Kermit Kombat 2 ep2"


I wonder who teh guy with teh hat izz o.0.


I congratulate you your hilarious standars have been matched again, i really liked te bit with ernie and bert lol, and stephdol and wlador at the ennd , or wat eva there called, hope the endings just as good, im looking forward to it >:}


Hey you have actually gotten better.

This is funny as shit.

Ahhh, man, I freakin love these, especially since I made your rival named Fat Fuck, so it had Fat Fuck on the back of his uniform. I also loved the fact that Bert and Ernie were gay, and they were in S&M out fits, LOL, and to top it off, you snapped your rivals neck, that was awesome. Although, I still think a Hyrensetsyuken (or however the hell you spell it) would kick a bicycle kicks ass.

but overall, this shit rocked.

Not bad. work on your drawing and sound.

It was good but you should really try harder with the drawing and sound was very loud. also enough with the kermit spining crap.