Reviews for "Kermit Kombat 2 ep2"


Very well done movie, I don't understand how (no offensive) this piece a crap (compared to kk2.3) did better then kermit kombat 2.3 u musta been pissed! Very good, do you do the kermit voices yourself cuz it's a really good impression if u do.


Probably THE BEST mk parody ever.

I'm writing this review about four months after originally seeing it (took forever to get account) and all i have to say is...YOU KICK ASS! I've been waaiting for the third episode...where is it? Hope to see more from you!

This is the best!

Kermit Kombat is soooo kick ass. I got all my friends into it becasue it is simply the best


this is the best thing on newgrounds ive ever seen... and this is the only time ive given out all 10s.. And im kind of a hard judge to
I hope a 3rd one comes out or episode 2-3 or whatever lol

great pre loader and film

great i doesnt matter that it goes on for long because it is full of greatness the whole way through