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Reviews for "MIDNIGHT Remastered"

I thought the gameplay was good, the sound effects were fitting, and the music is good. I think the gameplay is a bit easy though that could be because I played the first version of this game. The amount of places to explore is kind of small when you think about it so when you know where the letters and matches are, there isn't really much challenge. Also, I'm a little confused about the story as well as some other things (SPOILERS AHEAD):
- So the brown haired girl is not part of the family, but was basically living in a crawl space with a bed? Whenever the player interacts with the passage way that leads to it, it says it's too vertically steep to climb up it; how did she get up there in the first place then? How did she survive in there with no food (it was blocked off. If she had already been in there, she would have been trapped).
- So the fact that the brown haired girl wishes to "cleanse her sins" means she feels sorry for what she did, correct (I'm guessing she killed the family members)? If that is the case then why does she attempt to murder the survivor when she sees her? I'd understand if the Survivor storyline all took place before the Midnight storyline, but based on the environment and other things, it's clear it doesn't. Also, what in the world happened to the house in the Survivor storyline? It sounds like it is falling apart.
- Why are so many rooms locked when it is clear the brown haired girl must have had access to them to kill and leave the bodies?
- When you play as the cop, you can access every room in the house except for one; the one to the right of the stairs near the front door. Is there any way to open it?
I look forward to your next project. Good job and good luck!

ha, ha, I didn't ah, I didn't get scared...playing this alone, at night, in the dark, unprepared...look at my phone for a bit only to look up and find my candle out... ha...nope...not scared at all *gulp

its pretty good

Very good game. Only one thing seems to be a bit unrealistic so far: in reality you can see how much match (hey, nice pronunciation coincidence) you still got left until it burns out. Also the fall in the library would most likely put out the match.

Some second thoughts: at the latest stages the game becomes a bit too annoyingly Slenderman-like, it even reminds me that extremely irritating Lenke's Demon Blood where you have to constantly run from a demon that makes you drop the light source. It is also dumb that the ghost can put out the match when I need to space out the game notifications, like while picking up a key for example. This leads to a bug that the game forces the player to use all of the available matches, only then the "action: use match" disappears. -0,5 star because of these flaws.

PS - the character should be SAFE while opening doors, using keys etc. OR add an option to automatically skip all the dialogues like "you used the key to unlock the door" It is not the player's fault that you are forcing everybody to space out all the messages before the character can move. Unnecessarily frustrating. Sorry, but -another star.

Another bug found: if you open the door at the same time when the murder catches you, the game freezes.

If you will be making any fixes make sure it won't erase the progress.

CjElliott responds:

We have a patch coming very shortly to fix all the issues addressed in your review and more.

As for the matches, the character is not using the match to light the way, they are using the match to relight the candle when it goes out, you can tell the how much more time left before your next match by looking at how dim your candle light is, however we will think about adding an animation to show how much time you have left.

Thank you for the feedback :)

It was pretty good, made with RPG Maker MV if I'm not mistaken, cool.

CjElliott responds:

No the remastered game was made in Unity, the original game was made in RPG Maker :)