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Reviews for "MIDNIGHT Remastered"

React to my comment if you tried the thing that the paper told you.


This is more difficult than the original game, since Midnight Man appears to teleport, and he appears in front of you.

Sadly, if there are any documents, I cannot read them.
I don't mind if someone tells me the story outright at this point.

Very spooky and immersive. The minimal lighting, subtle sound design and close camera all work to create a claustrophobic and oppressive atmosphere. While the match mechanic is frustrating, it is also important to keep the player moving fast. I suck at the game though, maybe there can be an easy mode where you only have one match, but it doesn't blow out unless shadow man blows it?

Only complaints I have is some of the interactions are buggy with the doors, as well as having to stand in really specific spots to read documents.

very spooky. I died very fast. but its fun to die. I really don't know what I'm saying