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Reviews for "MIDNIGHT Remastered"

What is complete the history?

I thought the gameplay was good, the sound effects were fitting, and the music is good. I think the gameplay is a bit easy though that could be because I played the first version of this game. The amount of places to explore is kind of small when you think about it so when you know where the letters and matches are, there isn't really much challenge. Also, I'm a little confused about the story as well as some other things (SPOILERS AHEAD):
- So the brown haired girl is not part of the family, but was basically living in a crawl space with a bed? Whenever the player interacts with the passage way that leads to it, it says it's too vertically steep to climb up it; how did she get up there in the first place then? How did she survive in there with no food (it was blocked off. If she had already been in there, she would have been trapped).
- So the fact that the brown haired girl wishes to "cleanse her sins" means she feels sorry for what she did, correct (I'm guessing she killed the family members)? If that is the case then why does she attempt to murder the survivor when she sees her? I'd understand if the Survivor storyline all took place before the Midnight storyline, but based on the environment and other things, it's clear it doesn't. Also, what in the world happened to the house in the Survivor storyline? It sounds like it is falling apart.
- Why are so many rooms locked when it is clear the brown haired girl must have had access to them to kill and leave the bodies?
- When you play as the cop, you can access every room in the house except for one; the one to the right of the stairs near the front door. Is there any way to open it?
I look forward to your next project. Good job and good luck!

Got 3 sins on first go not bad. tis a good game.

Lol I ran into shadow man and i died thinking I can kill him with the envelope ahahha great gamee though the idea is cool and its fun for a trial and error game!

I was confused as to how I wasn't getting any medals. I know for a fact I list the match and got a card. It's just not working at the time! Anyway, this was still pretty fun. You had a nice area to explore. My favorite part might be the sound.

It suits the atmosphere so much. You know how to create an interesting world. Well, it's just one big house, but that's enough. The sprite work could probably be better. I still support that appearing here.

CjElliott responds:

Thanks for the review and kind words, we will have a patch to fix the medals for everyone very soon :)