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Reviews for "MIDNIGHT Remastered"

I really enjoyed this!!! Controls weren't too complicated, things were hidden (but not TOO well) and I enjoyed the general structure of the game.


Man... Scary, immersive, great sound and surpise is at hand... great work!

ha, ha, I didn't ah, I didn't get scared...playing this alone, at night, in the dark, unprepared...look at my phone for a bit only to look up and find my candle out... ha...nope...not scared at all *gulp

I may be missing something but the shadow man seems unescapable.

CjElliott responds:

No the Midnight Man moves roughly the same speed as the character walking, if you run (Hold Shift) you are faster than the Midnight Man, use sound and lookout for black particles to let you know whether the Midnight Man is already in a room.

Thanks for playing.

The original was one of my favorite Newgrounds games, but I couldn't remember the name of it after all this time until I saw this was posted. Thanks :D This is great!