Reviews for "Tricky Fox"

Deceptively difficult for how cute and simple it looks. The difficulty is somewhat erratic, but overall it's pretty great!

Definitely an improvement from the first game as the controls feel more fluid.

had a great time on this game, wish it wasn't as slippy but thats just part of the games mechanics. The jumping was annoying because it seemed so precise but in the end the feeling of winning was much more satisfying than i thought it would be. Keep up the great work.

Something is making the controls a bit clunky. Perhaps you should enable an option to turn off the background. It seems to be making the game laggy.

I don't blame about slippery controls, I think it is part of the gameplay. That is what the title suggests "Tricky". Same as with previous one, Tricky Cat.

hardest level goes to...

Level 15 took me so long, unable to jump accurately and hard to solve.