Reviews for "Tricky Fox"

Look at his tail wiggling! :D A neat game with a little different playing style compared to Tricky Cat (don't know which came first but I played Tricky Cat first). Still good though and nice music that goes well with the game. Also , it cracks me up everytime when you hit a spike and he goes spinning. Frustrating and funny as hell at the same time. Now I'm off try Tricky Cow :D

Every time i die at the last block, i go serious. But when i see that fox flying and spinning everywhere, i cant stop laughing...

Edit: I really want his hax... He teleports and dissappears and respawns and flies (fall from block & jump)

next should be tricky dog

It's like Mario, but every level is ice level.

Пoдписывайтесь на Английский без ГМО!

had a great time on this game, wish it wasn't as slippy but thats just part of the games mechanics. The jumping was annoying because it seemed so precise but in the end the feeling of winning was much more satisfying than i thought it would be. Keep up the great work.