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Reviews for "Great Destiny Man and the Forest Glade of DOOM"

Cool beans dude.

Two great destiny man episodes in a row. It's not even my birthday. The only thing that would make me happier is a trip to the walrus pit. All those greasy crevasses and cleavages. Slap slap plap plap.

Ah yes GDM aka Steven Seagal. Still want another video with him beating people to death and 80's-90's reference throwbacks like Paul Hogan or even better have him fight Chuck Norris!!
Awesome video like always

I want to believe that he really does have a great destiny, and that the universe really is bending to his whim all along. Or maybe it's just luck, who knows. But when he was tripped out hitting those bushes, he seemed like he was maybe actually proficient at his craft. We will see I guess

It was a trip filled with destiny 5/5