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Reviews for "Undoing Thanos snap..."

they've all been splinched! dammit!!

pero que fregados acabo de ver

sounds about right

Actually a good point, half the ppl that got snapped out were on planes, in cars, in spots that are now occupied by different things. #Thanosstillwonbitches

Awesome. I also had similar thoughts. What about people for whom the snap saved them from an abusive partner, or whose wife got snapped, then they'd remarried 5 years later and moved on. Or some monstrous warlord and most of his entourage got snapped and the power vacuum allowed for a peaceful reconstruction; oops, now he's back, bitches.

Not to mention the resource challenges - 5 years with 50% fewer farmers, ranchers and producers, but also fewer mouths to feed, now all of a sudden the population doubled. Logistically a huge nightmare.

NCH responds:

lol oof, that psychology aspect of it is never thought off...haha...
you can imagine the diff types of short films u can make out of this snap lol