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Reviews for "Mother's Waltz"

i didnt understand anything, but the animation was cute

Reminded me a lot of the dynamic between Kousei and his mother (early on) in Your Lie in April. Very cute and incredibly fuzzy.

You had me worried that this was going to get real sad. I can definitely relate to not feeling good enough to the point I'm afraid to try just because I'll get embarrassed. But the mom in this story was pretty supportive and nice. I wish it was a little longer, but I look forward to seeing what else you come up with. It's very cute

Very cute! You should make a follow-up to this story, maybe showing the past of the mom, or the learning process of the kid. The animation itself isn't very smooth, but I assume you mostly used key frames to accelerate the animation process. The drawings itself are simple-styled, and the characters are very expressive, which is an advantage of this artstyle.

Keep making animations! I bet you could make something that can touch people's heart someday. Congratulations on being frontpaged!

better than good animation. touching story. total milf. loved it!