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Reviews for "Mother's Waltz"

Really like the animations just why is the son nervous in front of his mother? Not to be rude
Just wanted to know
Keep it up

This was quite wonderful and heartwarming. There was clearly a lot of effort put in to making sure the piano playing looked accurate; the story was well thought out and built up the characters well. I couldn't help but smile once I was done watching :D

This was really cute, everyone who worked on this should be proud of themselves!

Excuse me for a minute, I'm trying so desperately to hold back tears...
This was some of the most wholesome three minutes I've ever seen. Everyone who worked on this should feel proud of themselves for putting this together. I never thought I'd be able to relate to a video so much. Bravo, you wonderful animators, voice actors, sound designers, and artists, bravo!

A little boring, but charming nonetheless.