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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy Collab"

Happy 10th anniversary Matt and everyone else who has helped make this series!
Great work on everyone who participated on the collab as well.

It's amazing how such a simple game managed to grow into something greater than Matt expected. He's refined and perfected the art of turn-based combat over five games spread across
whole ten years, and it shows in his work. This tribute video really captures the nostalgia many have for the series, and it will be a tribute worth remembering. I will patiently and eagerly await what else Matt has to create.

Ten years, ten years of fun, epicity and wonderfulness have happened since one of the best sagas of Flash games that has existed in the world, sincermante these were the ten best years that have existed, being a fan of this saga I can only Say this: "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVER CREATED THIS WONDERFUL AND EPIC GAME MATT" Congratulations for the 10 years Matt, I hope that your next games are UNIVERSALLY SPEAKING, be successful and magnificent like this saga: 3

Keep it up and never stop dreaming and never stop to be happy <3

I played through one and two multiple times nearly a decade ago. I'm ashamed to say that while I started 3, I never finished it until you released it on Steam, and I only 100 percented it a few months ago. I'm bought 4 and 5 at the same time, and I beat 4 while having a lovely time! Haven't yet 100 percented it, but I'm working on it as I play through 5 at the same time. I loved your work, and Phyrrna's melodies. I haven't bought the bullet heaven games, but they're next on my list, I assure you. And I look forward to whatever work you put out in the future! And may you have good luck in life in general!

I barely started playing the series of the game and I'm in love with it.