Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy Collab"

No Matt, thank YOU for such a beautiful and incredible master piece of a series. Fantasy and reality making such a fun and outgoing game.

Ten years and hopefully still going. 👍

Well this was nice. :) Beautiful music to accompany a gracious show of artistry inspired by the game, brings back memories... even if I still haven't played through the early ones as much as I'd like to. Wish I immersed myself in the EBF world right from the start.

Collab feels like maybe the wrong word for this though, more like Tribute? Homage? Anniversary Artistry? Limited Celebratory 10 Year Special Showcase? Technically it's correct but... maybe it's the fact that it's mostly imagery that feels misleading. Had me expecting animation more so, but either way a pleasure to witness. Great work all, and Happy 10! Hope it's still just the beginning.


Has it really been 10 years...? feels like yesterday EBF came out huh? Happy 10 years Matt, thank you for making such an amazing game series.

EBF 5 game pls!!! :P :))

I literally grew up with your games and I just can say your games and of course, the great music always makes me happy. Just a huge thank you for the 10 years