Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy Collab"


10 years. Ten long years. Ten years ago a Duskull tried to use an undead DBZ character to take over the world. Ten years ago, 2 heroes set out to beat up a bunch of dudes just cause and kicked off a franchise with fun bosses, amazing puzzles, enjoyable characters, and pleasant music after blowing up the world on accident. 10 years ago a joke badge was made for being a pervert and became an ongoing joke through all of it. I will not lie to you sir, a decade ago I didn't think that this game would be where it is now and I would enjoy each installment. To Matt, and everyone else thank you for bringing these games. I look forward to see what you all bring in the next 10 years.

^_^i love this series so much i mean personal its what made me come to newgrounds so much at 1st it has been an amazing ride and i hope to see more games by matt and the gang in any way shape or form in the future this series has been a huge chunk of my life growing up and i always looked forward to the next installment of epic battle fantasy be it a hint at a new game a fancy new pic of art ect the lit gose on and this is amazingly good keep up the good work my friend and always remember ^_^you are epic

That was beautiful!

It's amazing how such a simple game managed to grow into something greater than Matt expected. He's refined and perfected the art of turn-based combat over five games spread across
whole ten years, and it shows in his work. This tribute video really captures the nostalgia many have for the series, and it will be a tribute worth remembering. I will patiently and eagerly await what else Matt has to create.