Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy Collab"

Man I remember plaing EBF for the first time so many years ago, so happy to see that it still going. Really enjoyed this collab <3

I've been playing this series sense I was 6 years old. I know I was a little to young to be playing this game series, but it was so much like FF. But you kept it your own story and characters and own original enemies and soundtrack. Don`t ever quit making good games and animations and don`t let anyone discourage you. Happy 10th anniversary Matt.

i will keep going with you from start to finish

good memories....

I remember when I first played ...

all i have to say

Matt, you're a genius.

Amazing collab! Sadly, I wasn't be able to play the 1st 2 games years ago, only now, after playing EBF3 and 4 at Steam. Good work, guys!