Reviews for "Test Collab 4(SIMPLE)"

Lel... It's nice collab чыввв 5 stars

I mean, it's a test collab. However, the animation quality syrprised me. Nothing was really choppy. There were some stiff bits, but overall everything was at least acceptable. There were a lot of tests that just felt like ordinary tests. Gun tests, regular shooting tests, etc. And you know what? You've all got the shooting and basic fighting strategy down, or so it seems. It's kinda hard to judge from how short some of these were, and some didn't have both of these. I can tell, though, that you put in effort here, I've never heard of many of you, but none of you really did a guy just shooting everyone, one by one. A lot of the alternate-style sprites were borrowed, definitely, but they were utilized well and it's nice that you guys are using them to mix things up. Some honorable mentions: @EKKiro with the cool and fun kills throughout, Onyx dark (whoever that is on NG) with the cool first clip, I rather enjoyed it, Dyera (again, don't know who you are on here) whose first Bodyless clip I thought was pretty cool, @Uberman765 for the clip where the guy disappeared, I just thought that was fun, even though it wasn't that well animated, @omega17172 for the one with the interesting lighting, @Trazord for the gore quality, @RAI4N for, I don't know, coming such a long way, your clip was cool.
Everyone, you did well, keep practicing, even the less experienced among you. You're the next generation of madness animators.

warpzonemczone responds:

Thank you its really nice to see a detailed review of what is the collab.
Of course its simple the name explain it maybe most of us including me don't have super good clip to the level that the community wait today but we tried and tried and the end we still did something and most of us are proud of this.

iiiHateZombieDude responds:

We Really Appreciate Your Reaction :DDD

RAl4AN responds:

Thanks you bro!
I liked your opinion.

omega17172 responds:

Thk bro

EKKiro responds:

Thank you buddy!

very good,plus i see my sprites on XXwolfXX's part

warpzonemczone responds:

Thank you for judging positively the collab.

very nice!

warpzonemczone responds:

thank you
we appreciate positive reaction

To be a test collab, actually was a good shit for my eyes :p

iiiHateZombieDude responds: