Reviews for "Test Collab 4(SIMPLE)"

Animations are well done! I like this collab, good job everyone.

iiiHateZombieDude responds:

Really Appreciate it :D

Agr3ss0r responds:


useless fragments, needs connectedness and plot.

iiiHateZombieDude responds:


RAl4AN responds:

THIS IS (TEST COLLAB) no connectedness and plot!
It's not big project.
Wank-big collab project... He have connected and plot

Agent5043 responds:

^^ True

warpzonemczone responds:

It is not a project that link every clip its a test collab and its simple.
The name of the collaboration explain this movie.

NICE! But my name is Agent A.T.P, but my newgrouds name is Agent5043 welp, everyone did a great job! And Collab went cool!

omega17172 responds:

zero stars

Agent5043 responds:

The feeling when you are from phone and you accidentally click zero starts then quit :D

okie, some parts was really good ( DYERA, OwnOmega, Omega17172, Agressor, Trazord, Onyx-Dark, EKkiro was the best, and RAI4AN of cource :d) But other must more practice. Sad that i was to lazy to make one part for collab

warpzonemczone responds:

Of course some of us need practice.
not everyone is good lets wait like a year and i'm sure we will start being decent animator.

EKKiro responds:

Thank you bro!

Dark11O responds:

i mean all made a awesome work btw


RAl4AN responds:

ну привет...