Reviews for "Test Collab 4(SIMPLE)"

un capo xfa

XFA responds:

cuando estaras en discord? put0

Nice collab, I dont hope this....is Really Good!!!

warpzonemczone responds:


XFA the bestdo uwu<3

warpzonemczone responds:

Well i know its directed to the other but i'm sure he appreciate that.

what can I say, this collab turned out to be pretty good, everyone managed in principle, so keep! If you omega17172 have a desire to make another collab, make a storyline, because the next part of the Test Collab will be almost uninteresting for everyone, so we hope for a storyline

Agent5043 responds:

True. ;)

warpzonemczone responds:

Well its up to Omega, for now we'll see what comes next.

iiiHateZombieDude responds:

this is awesome if test collab simple will keep going

They're great members Nice collab boys