Reviews for "Opening Night"

Opening night like: opening up! Ah. Got it. And all those little glimpses... really was more than I expected it to be. Introspective and entertaining both, and even more so as expressive as it is.

Feels like I might've learned something from this too.


Good work as far as drawing style and audio, but I couldn't watch it without noticing how incredibly boring and repetative it gets after the 2nd audio loop. You have talent, but the horrible writing and editing made this hardly watchable.

Excellent stuff all the way through.

I'm not surprised this won all those awards. The animation and the song are both hell of smooth.

I enjoyed the idea and the execution: showing a lot of information in this emotionally transparent way, and then gradually building a context around it. It gave me just enough to predict what was going to happen, and then the release came when it did. Most people do everything in their power to not be this open and vulnerable, so I found the transparency of the characters' songs to be comedic. The "loving yourself" make-out joke was too predictable for my taste and had the opposite effect of a punchline, so if pure comedy was your goal I'd keep that in mind. It would have been interesting to see a different take on loving yourself than just making out with yourself. Great use of colors, and the animation was fluid, but could be more believably weighted. Nice work overall, and congrats on all the success your team had with this.